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Drive positive change through effectively managing your corporate and social responsibility targets

Corporate Social Responsibility

Effectively Manage Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions help you to effectively audit your business practices to ensure you meet your business targets, as well as drive improvement programs and corrective action plans. Solutions can be configured to track and report on your individual internal and external CSR initiatives to provide you with visibility into key metrics across multi-tiered suppliers and third party providers. We consolidate all of your data, presenting it to you through a central cloud gateway

We can capture data and measure events at every stage in your supply chain process from sourcing services and raw-materials such as timber or cotton, through reprocessing and final delivery. Record data across a wide range of audits such as; ethical trading, carbon emissions, raw-material sustainability, technical, quality and safety compliance.

Solutions are designed to be collaborative, helping you to create a shared value culture that drives drive positive change across your business networks. Our sophisticated reporting and business intelligence tools help you to identify areas for improvement, as well enable you to quickly report results against your CSR initiatives and targets.

A flexible solution that makes audit management easy. It can be designed around your individual supply chain processes, and is used manage compliance through tracking and reporting on audits across a wide range such as your raw material compliance, carbon footprint, ethical trading, technical, safety and quality compliance.

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A solution used to automatically capture your carbon emissions produced throughout your end-to-end supply chain process. Generates reports to help you compare your performance by month and year and pinpoint opportunities for improvement to achieve strategic goals.

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A sophisticated business intelligence and reporting application that can be used across all of our web-based supply chain management modules. It’s a business discovery tool that unveils the true story behind all of your data, in a simple, yet powerful and visual format, helping you make informed strategic decisions.

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