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Focus on the customer and reduce claims leakage with our insurance supply chain software


Our solutions help with your supply chain challenges and insurance processes.

These days customers are more connected than ever – and they expect more information from their insurer during the claims process. They want real time status updates on their insurance claim, even when many different suppliers are involved.

Gain more control and visibility of your supply chain with cloud-based solutions for insurers and their suppliers. Connect entire claims networks – including managing agents and several third party suppliers. These innovative solutions are used by global insurers, third party suppliers and managing agents.

It’s a streamlined and collaborative approach to insurance. We provide you with a quick view of all claim status and supply chain activity. Enhance your customer service and reduce claims leakage.

Whether you are a supplier or insurer we can help. This software solution’s user-friendly dashboards make it highly intuitive. Automated workflows are visible and can be configured to your needs. The solution can stand alone or plug into an existing claims management system.

We focus on Claims Fulfilment, providing out of the box products that are secure and highly configurable.

If you need a way to manage everyday insurance claims challenges quickly and efficiently, give us a call.

A solution that connects insurers with their suppliers. All claim status information is shared in real-time through a central cloud gateway. It provides a single process for claims handlers to follow, as well as complete supply chain visibility to help reduce claims leakage and customer complaints.

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A solution accessed through a single cloud gateway enabling insurers to manage suppliers and all their information from initial tender stages, and throughout their relationship lifecycle, for improved governance, compliance and performance.

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Our web-based Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solutions provide you with improved visibility and control over your supplier partnerships and end-to-end supply chain processes.  We can help you strategically plan and manage all of your interactions with your multi-tiered suppliers, including any sub-contractors and third parties who provide goods or services to your business.

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