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Enhance the customer experience and reduce costs with a connected claims network

Insurance Solutions

Our solutions connect insurers and suppliers to help you improve processes and customer service whilst keeping a lid on the cost of claims. With our software, you can gain improved control and visibility of your entire supply chain. Whether you are a global insurer, Lloyd’s syndicate or a third party managing agent, you will benefit from a more streamlined, collaborative approach to managing claims and supplier relationships.

We specialise in providing visibility and efficiency to insurance processes such as claims fulfilment and supplier management. And, we can integrate our out-of-the-box solutions with any of your existing systems so that you can have a single, real-time view on how your business is performing. Through automating your processes and enabling you to manage issues by exception, customers will benefit from an improved service and you will profit from minimised costs and complaints.

A solution that connects insurers with their suppliers. All claim status information is shared in real-time through a central cloud gateway. It provides a single process for claims handlers to follow, as well as complete supply chain visibility to help reduce claims leakage and customer complaints.

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A solution accessed through a single cloud gateway enabling insurers to manage suppliers and all their information from initial tender stages, and throughout their relationship lifecycle, for improved governance, compliance and performance.

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Our web-based Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solutions provide you with improved visibility and control over your supplier partnerships and end-to-end supply chain processes.  We can help you strategically plan and manage all of your interactions with your multi-tiered suppliers, including any sub-contractors and third parties who provide goods or services to your business.

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