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Solutions to manage products from concept to cash

Concept to Cash

At Adjuno, we provide a cloud-based platform that’s comprised of complementary solutions to help you manage the entire supply chain process from initial product concept through to cash. It unites your trading community onto a single real-time data sharing platform, so that you can benefit from working collaboratively, saving time and money. Use our solutions to quickly bring your products to market whilst ensuring quality, as well as ethical and sustainable business practices.

Let’s take you through a supply chain journey using our solutions.

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Ideas for new products and designs can occur at any time. As our solutions are web-based, buyers and planners can capture initial range ideas at tradeshows or supplier visits using smartphones and tablets.

We also have an App that can be used to capture new product concept ideas when an internet connection is unreliable. It’s then simple to develop ideas further into formal range plans once back at your desk where you can upload and annotate images, capture price estimates and produce sales forecasts.

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Manage aspects of your design development within our solution, and build further on the concept stages to create comprehensive specifications.

By systemising components and design elements, an electronic specification is the start to a consistent production approach, ensuring that you and your suppliers are always on the same page with regards to initial and evolving designs throughout the product lifecycle. Combining the visual and technical elements gives you a one touch approach to all your product data in a central location.

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Whether your designs are in-house or external, you will be supported through the process of identifying and qualifying suppliers and their factory base from a financial, logistics, quality and ethical stance.

Sharing product information at the earliest stages to obtain electronic quotations in consistent formats, through to having detailed visibility of the product lifecycle using our extensive critical path and sample approval toolsets. Allowing you to focus on the quality of the product, whilst the system manages to target lead-times.

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Purchase Orders cover a broad spectrum of complexities, and often how an order is designed is dominated by the system.

We ensure that this isn’t a hurdle for our customers, catering for simple order structures, to far more complex scenarios with multiple destinations, various levels of tracking, parent and child linked orders, and many more. With order distribution, notification and confirmation processes covered, all your order management can be handled within our solution.

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The logistics aspects of your products, and the most effective route to market can have a significant impact on meeting launch dates and target margins.

With in-built decision making and alerting features, our solution ensures that the earliest possible decisions can be made, with a known cost impact. The process allows you to manage the exceptions, alerting you if there are any delays, quality issues, or opportunities. Whether domestic or international you will maintain control and visibility throughout the physical movement.

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The end goal for any successful business is to convert a concept to cash, to plan, without compromising margins.Using our suite of modules we support your pledge every step of the way, whether it be from cost price negotiations, to landed cost visibility, inventory planning, cost effective route to market and many more.

It is important that we support your margin protection and cash flow from when an idea is born, ensuring that your products are of exceptional quality when they meet your desired market for launch.